Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Recreation Management (611-108)
The Department of Recreation Management offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreation Management. Recreation Management Majors will complete 44 credits of the Recreation Management Major Requirements and an approved minor in the department of your choice. For example, those interested in Commercial recreation could complete a minor in Business, offered by the Department of Business Management and those interested in Resource Management could complete a minor in National Resources from the Department of Biology. Those interested in Therapeutic Recreation should see their advisor for minor choices.

Recreation Management Minor (200)
Students with complimentary majors may also complete 25 credits of Recreation Management coursework for a Minor in Recreation Management. Possible complimentary majors include, but are not limited to: Business Management, Health, Education, Accounting, Biology, Geology, Social Work, Psychology, Family Science, Horticulture, Animal Science, Communications, and Performing Arts.

Therapeutic Recreation (611-106)
Students interested in Therapeutic Recreation should see their advisor to set up their program. Recommended courses for Recreation Management Majors with an interest in therapy includes: RM 370 Therapeutic Recreation, RM 371 Therapeutic Recreation Theories (starts in Winter 2010), RM 471 Assessment in Therapeutic Recreation, RM 472 Program Dynamics in Therapeutic Recreation, BIO 264 Human Anatomy and Physiology I, BIO 265 Human Anatomy & Physiology II, PSYCH 111 General Psychology, PSYCH 342 Abnormal Psychology, and PSYCH 201 Developmental Psychology Life Span.

Summit Expeditions
Students interested in outdoor adventure may register for a summit expedition. Advanced outdoor and leadership skills are included in summit curriculum. Priority will be given to Recreation Management Majors. Prerequisite: RM 123 Basic Skills.

Spring Summit: A six week trip that takes place in the Canyon lands of Southern Utah and in the Teton Mountain Range of Wyoming. Skills taught are mountaineering, mountain biking, backpacking, canyoneering and desert survival, etc. (enrollment is limited). For more information contact Scott Wood at or call (208) 496-4706.


Please refer to the University Catalog for a description of courses and requirements for a degree in Recreation Management.