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The “LinkSet” enables the user to select CMS Pages for use within the web page. These CMS Pages are most commonly selected for navigation.

The advantage of the "LinkSet" element is to allow the user to select multiple CMS folders consisting of Components and Pages. The user can then select key CMS items from these CMS Pages or folders for use in a web page.



Clicking on "select" will open a window showing available items on the left, and items currently in use on the right. A user can choose what items can be used for the web page by selecting items and using the center arrows.

Filtering Ancestor pages:

This text field consists of the folders or other CMS Pages that house the CMS Pages that can be chosen for use within the web page. To access the list, click on the "Select" button. Users may specify CMS Pages or folders by entering the xID of a CMS Page or by dragging a CMS Page or folder from the CMS Tree into the field. Separate CMS Page xID's with the pipe ( | ) character.

Filtering Page Types:

User can specify what Page Types or Components to list for use within the web page. Leaving the text field blank will list all Page Types and Components. Users may specify a Page Type by dragging a CMS Page that shares that Page Type or Component from the CMS Tree into the field. Separate items with the pipe ( | ) character.


Exports are designed to assist in the coding of the web page.

Do not add to or remove any content from the Export fields without help from technical support. Doing so can result in breaking the web page.