The Element Type section is a set of instructions on the general use of the different elements that may be encountered within the Content Management System. It does not describe how the element is use among different page types.

Boolean / Checkbox:

The check box allows users to switch between two different options that are available within the page.


The Component element is where users identify components that are to be used within a web page.


There are web pages with content material that can have connection to a specific calendar date.

Enumeration / Dropdown:

Dropdowm menus allow users to select predetermined settings or content for web pages.

Group or List:

Content fields can be grouped together to help determine a common relationship. Groups of content fields generally control one feature within a web page.


Images will be commonly used within the BYU-I site. The Image element allows users to import images from the assets folder.


The "Insert" element can pull in content from an outside source, such as a web page, or from an internal HTML document, such as an HTML or ASP page.


The Link element allows users to distinguish hyperlinks within web pages.


The "LinkSet" enables the user to select CMS Pages for use within the web page. These CMS Pages are most commonly selected for navigation.


The Media element allows users to import videos from the assets folder.

Page Properties:

All CMS Pages (the items shown in the CMS tree) have a Page Properties area. The Page Properties area contains status information about the selected CMS Page.

Navigation / Index:

Some web pages will require referring to groups of web pages or components within the Content Management System. The Navigation element allows users to select grouped CMS pages.

Taxonomy Navigation:

There are conditions in which a user will want to select and use only specific CMS Pages within the CMS Tree. This is different from the "Navigation" element, which selects groups of CMS Pages within the CMS Tree.

Text Field:

Key information is often needed to build web pages. The text field is a common method used to collect this information.

Web Content Editor:

The will be many areas within web pages where custom content can be entered. The Web Content Editor assist the user in entering thier content.