Ropes Course

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Ropes course

The Ropes Course is closed for the winter. It will reopen in May.


The Ropes Course is the perfect activity for your FHE,  campus, or community group! The Ropes Course may be scheduled in advance for a group of 8 or more, or you can buy individual tickets to scheduled events. A session at the Ropes Course is a great way to get to know other people. At the Ropes Course you will play group games, work together to solve puzzles, and help one another ascend the Alpine Tower or giant swing. The Ropes Course provides opportunities for individuals and groups to learn skills like team building, problem-solving, support, trust, and unity.


The Ropes Course is located at 50 W 7th S, west of the Rexburg Temple and adjoining the baseball fields.


Please dress appropriately for the weather that day.  Remember that evenings in the fall can be quite cool. Shorts are acceptable, but they must be modest in nature. It is recommended that you wear a closed-toe shoe. At minimum the shoe should stay on your foot. Slides and flip flops are generally not appropriate footwear.  


To schedule the Ropes Course, click here.

Cost for most campus groups averages $6/person for a 2hr session. Minimum schedule time is 2hrs with a minimum groups size of 8. For a complete breakdown of pricing see our pricing information.


Cancellations must take place a minimum of 2hrs before your event time. Groups who do not do this will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. Any group who does not show for their scheduled time will also be charged a $25 no-show fee.

For more information email or or contact the Student Activities Office at 208-496-7300