Student actors pose in costume for Pirates of Penzance.

REXBURG, Idaho— Beginning March 20 and running through March 30, students of Brigham Young University-Idaho will entertain both the local and university community with the production of The Pirates of Penzance, or the Slave of Duty in the Snow Drama Theater at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg.

Written in the late 1800’s, The Pirates of Penzance, or the Slave of Duty is a light-hearted operetta produced by Arthur Sullivan and W.S. Gilbert—a dynamic duo who are known for being the progenitors of the modern musical.

The production is about the protagonist, Frederic, who became apprenticed to pirates as a boy when his father was misunderstood when actually arranging for his boy to be apprenticed to “pilots.”

It’s a comical story about a man’s struggle between his duty and his heart, supplemented with adventure and romance.

“It is farcical and very funny. It is written as a satire and lampoons many aspects of political life, social customs, and practices of late 19th century England,” said Richard Clifford, production director and dean of BYU-Idaho’s College of Performing and Visual Arts. “It parodies the conventions of opera through using recitative and aria and pokes a little fun at other serious operas.”

The production brings together students from both the Department of Music and the Department of Theatre and Dance, as well as some talented students outside the college.

Tickets for the event are $6 for the general public and $3 for BYU-Idaho students. Dates and showtimes can be found online and through the Ticket Office. To purchase tickets visit, the BYU-Idaho Ticket Office, or call 208-496-3170.

Attendees must be older than the age of six and are encouraged to wear event dress.