Information Privacy Training (including FERPA regulations)

• • • Regularly completing the online "Privacy Training" course is required of all employees (full-time, part-time, and student). The course is designed to educate employees and to protect the university. The training takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Please complete this training as soon as possible. • • •

Summary of the Training 

This training is required for all employees (full, part-time, and student), regardless of whether they need "expanded computer access" (i.e. access to CX/Jenzabar, iSeries, faculty webpages, etc.). In general, the training deals with "information privacy" laws and the university's applicable policies. (Please note: This training must be completed before an employee can receive "expanded access" to university computer systems.)

How to Access and Take the Online Training

1) New Employees: New employees (including student employees) will receive an email within 24 hours of being hired, asking them to take the training. (Instructions will be included with the email.) 

2) On-Going Employees: Current/on-going employees (full, part-time, and student) can access the Privacy Training through their "mybyui" account on the BYU-Idaho homepage.


            1. Go to your "mybyui" account. 
            2. Click on the "employee" tab.
            3. Click on the "Privacy Training" link. 
            4. Review the attached material.
            5. Take the brief test.


            1. Go to your "mybyui" account.
            2. Click on the "student" tab.
            3. Click on the "academic forms" tab.
            4. Click on the "Privacy Training" link. 
            5. Review the attached material.
            6. Take the brief test.

Instructions for Supervisors (if they need to grant "expanded access" to employees)

If an employee needs "expanded access" to special computer systems on campus (i.e. iSeries, Jenzabar [CX], Faculty webpage, etc.), a supervisor will log-in to "mybyui" and click on the following links:

     1. Click on the "employee" tab
     2. Click on the link entitled "Supervisor Request for Special System Access" 
     3. Provide the necessary information

PLEASE NOTE: Before a supervisor can grant expanded system access to an employee, that supervisor will need to be added to a database of authorized users. To be added to this database, please contact Liz Hokanson in the HR office. (Only one regular full-time employee per department (preferably a manager or director) will be able to grant access to special IT systems.)


Questions or comments? If so, please contact the Help Desk (ext. 1411) or contact Liz Hokanson in Human Resources (ext. 1717).