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Employee Benefits
(health insurance, disability, retirement, tuition wavers, etc.)

Quick Links

       •  Affordable Care Act (ACA or "ObamaCare")
       •  Campus Benefits 
       •  DMBA (health insurance, disability, retirement, 401K, Flexible Spending)
       •  Employee Benefit Eligibility (Policy 2-3)
       •  Holiday Schedule 
       •  Sick Leave
       •  Vacation 


       •  BYU-Idaho Master Retirement Savings Plan (i.e. company retirement/pension
       •  DMBA Supplemental Retirement Plan (i.e. 401K/Matching Program) (See the DMBA
           webpage and click on the "Retirement" tab)
       •  TIAA-CREF


       •  BYU-Idaho Wellness Program 
       •  DMBA Wellness Program (See DMBA webpage and click on the "Living Healthy" tab)

Professional Development

       •  Dependent Tuition Waiver 
       •  Higher Education Assistance (Non-Faculty)  
       •  Professional Development for Faculty (See Faculty Handbook) 
       •  Professional Development for Non-Faculty 
       •  Tuition Waiver: Credit Classes and Non-Credit Classes 

Other Helpful Information

       •  Carpooling Opportunities
       •  DMBA Financial Planning Workshops 
       •  Exemplary Employee Awards
       •  FMLA (Information for Managers)  
       •  Workers' Compensation