Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation


       •  Report the injury promplty (please try to recall details; were there witnesses, etc.)

2. SUPERVISOR'S RESPONSIBILITIES When an Employee Is Injured on the Job

       •  Seek medical treatment first—when care is needed immediately.

               > The Student Health Care Center is the facility of first choice.
               > If the center is closed or the nature of the injury requires emergency care, 
                   another facility can be used. 

       •  Supervisor's are responsible for working with the employee in filing reports promptly.

               > All injuries should be reported regardless of severity. 
               > Claims are denied when not reported promptly. 
               > Reports made at the time of injury are used to substaniate claims that later
                   may need medical attention. 
               > Safety Office personnel determine if further reporting is necessary.

3. Overall Reporting Process

       •  The Safety Office receives the initial report from the supervisor and employee.
       •  The report is then submitted online. 
       •  Once the claim has been submitted, those involved (injured employee, supervisor, 
           witnesses, etc.) can expect to be contacted to verify claim information.
       •  The Safety Office should be kept updated with any doctor's orders, such as:
           releases from work and return to work (must be received in writing) and referrals for
           other care.

4. BYU-Idaho Workers' Compensation Policy

5. Reporting Form

If you have questions about an injury or Worker's Compensation, please contact Eric Harmston in the Safety Office - 3053 (