BYU-Idaho Cap Increase Creates Need For Additional Beds

Centre Square Construction

Letter to BYU-Idaho Approved Housing owners from Troy Dougherty, Director

May 20, 2016

Dear Owners,

It is with great enthusiasm that I inform you that BYU-Idaho’s Board of Trustees has officially approved an increase in the enrollment cap from 18,000 to 20,000 FTE (full-time equivalent), which translates to a new headcount of approximately 23,400 students. The previous FTE enrollment cap of 18,000 translated to a headcount of 21,000 students.

It is anticipated that we reach the new headcount cap of 23,400 by Fall 2021.

We will, therefore, need a significant number of new beds to accommodate the approved growth. Allow me to illustrate this need below in the following table:

FTEHead CountMarried %OccupancyBeds Needed
20,000 23,400 24% 96.0% 3,000
20,000 23,400 27% 96.0% 2,300

BYU-Idaho is calling on current owners to consider redeveloping if at all possible, reaching out to investors/developers to consider developing in Rexburg, and contemplating whether or not the university will need to respond by adding more beds.

As always, we consider it a tremendous privilege to associate with you and are ever grateful for the housing and meaningful experiences you provide for the thousands of single students at BYU-Idaho. We hope this announcement finds you well and prompts you (depending on your unique circumstances) to consider ways to assist in meeting the new demand.