Centre Square apartments are spacious, versatile (2, 3, and 4 bedroom options), and include washers and dryers, two fridges, and tons of storage for kitchen supplies, food, and personal items.
42-inch flat screen TV
For all your entertainment needs. Comes with cable. No DVD player.
Keyless Entry
No need to fumble with a bunch of keys. Conveniently access your apartment with the simple swipe of your iCard.
Large Pantry
Plenty of cupboard and pantry space for your utensils, dishes, pots & pans, and most importantly, your food.
Enjoy a spacious fridge (for two bedroom apartments) or even two (for three and four bedroom apartments) to comfortably fit all of your food.
Hall Closet
Not enough storage space in your room? Doubt it. But if you feel the need to expand, a large hall closet is available for roommates to share.
All of our apartments have three or more bathroom sinks. With one in each bathroom, and the remaining in the vanities, roommates will have plenty of space and sink time to get ready for the day.
Microwave & Range
Enjoy a host of brand new appliances in your new up-to-date kitchen.
No more washing dishes by hand.
In-Apartment Washer & Dryer
No more losing socks between your apartment and the laundry room. Enjoy the convenience of doing laundry right outside your bedroom door.
Centre Square features several gathering and study spaces to meet your social and academic needs. The Park at Centre Square— a vast green space in the center of the property— is unparalleled in student housing and affords you and your friends a variety of recreational opportunities.
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The Park
Spanning over a football field in open green space, The Park at Centre Square is ideal for playing Frisbee, soccer, volleyball, catching up with friends, or just relaxing in the sun.
Study Areas
Retreat to one of our 15 open or closed study areas to prepare for a test or presentation or finish up that group project.
Long-term Storage
Heading out of town for the break, but returning to Centre Square next semester? Our complex has long-term storage for returning tenants.
Pharos Printing Station
Don’t have a printer and need to get that paper printed before class? Enjoy the convenience of printing right in the complex.
Music Rooms
Get away from homework and relax in one of our 5 music rooms.
The Plazas
Two large adjoining plazas provide an ideal spot for barbeques and other social events.