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Career Information in Recreation Management

Commercial Recreation (i.e. retail sales, recreation facility management)
Youth Agencies and Organizations (i.e. boy/girl Scouts, YMCA, summer camp programs)
Therapeutic Recreation (i.e. nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, juvenile detention centers, rehabilitation centers)
Federal Agencies (i.e. BLM National Park Service, Forest Service, Armed Services, Army Corps of Engineers)
State & Municipal Agencies (i.e. state parks, community & municipal recreation, public facilities management, senior citizen centers)
Examples of leadership positions


Corporate Recreation Director
Dance Schools
River Runners
Health Spa's
Professional Sports
Stadium Managers
Theater Managers
Golf Course Managers
Bowling Ally Managers Entertainers & Amusement Parks
Hotel Management
Ski Resort Management
Dude Ranch
Sportsman Clubs
Cruise Ship Recreation Director Country Clubs
High Adventure Program Outward Bound, Inc

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Youth Agencies & Organizations

America Foundation for the Blind American Red Cross
Boys Scouts of America
Boys clubs of America
Campfire, Inc.
Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. National Federation of Settlement & Neighborhood Centers National Urban League
Jewish Community
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Seminary Program (LDS)
Utah Boys Ranches
Father Flanagan's Boys Home Junior Achievement, Inc.
Youth Developmental Enterprises (YDE)
Civil Air Patrol

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Therapeutic Recreation

Specialized Rehabilitation Centers
Home Healthcare
Retirement Communities
Veterans Administration Hospitals
State Hospitals
Specialty Schools (blind, deaf, etc.)
Private Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations
Nursing Homes
Rehabilitation Centers
Correctional Facilities
Psychiatric Facilities
Senior Centers
Adult Day Care
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Army Corps Engineers
Armed Forces
Armed Services
Army Special Services
Overseas Recreation Specialist
Bureau of Indian Affairs
National Park Service
Veterans Administration
Forest Service
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State Municipal

Parks and Recreation
State Parks
Community Recreation
Municipal Recreation
Camp Leaders
Community Recreation Centers
Community Schools
Management Public Facilities
Senior Citizen Centers

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Colleges and Universities
Student Unions
Club Sports
Activity Centers
Campus Recreation
High Schools
Community Education Programs Physical Education
Outdoor Education
Aee Jobs Clearing house

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Leadership positions:

Recreation Therapist
Director of Therapeutic Recreation, Activity Therapy, Adjuctive Therapies
Program Specialist in Art, Music, Drama, Dance, Outdoor Recreation
Senior Citizen Programmer
Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Supervisor
Clinical Specialist
Healthcare Consultant
Senior Therapist
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