Program Costs
Students should meet with their financial aid advisor prior to beginning of the program to ensure they have financial resources adequate to complete the program successfully. It should be noted that due to the rigorous nature of the program, maintaining outside employment is strongly discouraged. It’s been our experience that students who choose to work full-­time hours struggle to find the time needed to complete homework and clinical rotations.

It is highly recommended that the student have access to a small tablet/iPad, with internet access, for use in clinical rotations and lab (starting fall 2013).

*Costs included areas follows:

Item Cost
Fall Tuition $1915 (see catalog for current rate)
Winter Tuition $1915 (see catalog for current rate)
Spring Tuition $1915 (see catalog for current rate)
Class Fee – PARA 360 $160
Class Fee – PARA 378 $470
Class Fee - PARA 498 $100
Drug Screen Test (Student Health Center) $150
Uniform/Scrubs $200
Books $800
Fisdap User Fee $80
Internship Housing (Single/Married) $1,100/$3,200
Certified Background Check $45
ESTIMATED TOTAL $8,850 – $10,950

*These costs do not reflect exact costs; they are subject to change. They do not include miscellaneous costs associated with travel to and from clinical sites, food and other incidental costs.

Public transportation is unavailable in the southeastern Idaho area. Access to a vehicle is highly recommended, as students are required to complete clinical experience at distances of up to 70 miles away.