Physical Therapist Assistant Prerequistes

The BYU-Idaho PTA program is being created to operate in what we call a 1+1 schedule.  What this means is that students must earn a year's (or 2 semesters) worth of pre-requisite courses before they apply.  After a student is accepted and enrolled in the PTA program, they complete 1 more entire year of training to finish the degree.

The table below shows the pre-requisite courses that must be completed. We do not require that these courses be taken in this exact order.  We only need to see that you have completed all these courses in your application.  

Semester 1: Credit Hours Semester 2: Credit Hours
   FDMAT 108 3    FDREL 250 or 275 2
   FDENG 101 3    BIO 265, 265L 3,1
   FDREL 200 or 225 2    HRHP 359 3
   BIO 264, 264L 3,1    FDENG 301 3
   HS 280 2
          TOTAL 14           TOTAL 12