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Involvement Opportunities

Volunteer to be on a committee to help put on our talent shows, Manager over a show, Manager over workshops, Coordinators (oversee 3- 4 managers), Directors (oversee coordinators), Area Director (oversee Talent Program), Participation in workshops or shows.

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Hours/time commitment

1-2 hours per week – more the week of the show. Manager – 2 hours/week – week of show about 6 hours. Manager over workshops – 2 hours /week plus the workshop (time varies depending on which workshop) Coordinators – 2 – 3 hours /week Directors – 5 – 8 hours/week depending on the week. Area Director – 5 – 8 hours/week depending on the week. Participation in workshops or shows –depends on what event you participate in.

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Dave Nagata

Phone: 208.496.7351

Email: nagatad@byui.edu

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