Spring 2019 Student Representative Council Main Photo

Involvement Opportunities

Members of the Student Representative Council (SRC) work together with university administration to ensure that the voice of the students is being heard and that issues and concerns are resolved in a way that benefits the entire BYU-Idaho community.

SRC volunteers carry out this work with the following objectives:

  • Represent students by actively participating in more than 20 university administrative councils
  • Research global student concerns and propose viable solutions
  • Hours/Time

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Hours/time commitment

Survey Volunteer 10-15 minutes/as needed (receive surveys via email)

Focus Group Volunteer 45 minutes every other week (attend one or more focus groups throughout the semester)

Student Rep Program Manager 6-8 hours/week

Student Rep Volunteer 3 hours/week

Student Representative Council Manager 6-8 hours/week

Student Representative Council Coordinator 10-12 hours/week

Student Representative Council Director 15-18 hours/week

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MC 392

Hours: Monday-Friday 2-5p.m.

Phone: (208) 496-4027

Email: src@byui.edu