Follow these to ensure that you will receive the maximum amount of federal financial aid for which you are eligible:

Declare your Program.

Your Program (major and any required components) must be officially declared two weeks before the semester begins for financial aid purposes.  Changes made after this time could result in a loss of federal financial aid for the upcoming semester. Contact the appropriate Academic Advising Center at the link above as soon as possible if you need to make any changes.

Refer to your catalog year for your required courses.

Your declared major and catalog year will be displayed in your portal under the student tab in the academic summary box on the right.

Create your grad plan.

Plan all required courses for your major through graduation. Refer to your catalog year if you have questions about any requirements.

Determine when you are eligible to register at

Use the Program
Applicability Tool (PAT).

After you have completed registration, use the PAT on your student tab to confirm that your courses are program applicable.