The following scholarships are awarded based on meritorious achievements and are only given through nominations from faculty, administration, staff, church leaders, civic and community leaders, as well as high school administration:

  • Jack and Lois Wheatley Leadership Scholarship
  • BYU-Idaho Merit Scholarship

Application Process

  • Jack and Lois Wheatley Leadership Scholarship – students must complete separate application upon nomination to be considered
  • BYU-Idaho Merit Scholarship - no application required


  • Student must be admitted as a campus student
  • Awarded based on professional judgement/discretion of scholarship committee


  • Award amounts may vary


  • Students must be enrolled in 14 or more credits to receive this scholarship.
  • Scholarships may be prorated in a student’s final semester at BYU-Idaho when graduating with a 4-year degree. For financial aid purposes, graduation is defined as completing all components required by your degree. "Walking" in a graduation ceremony does not constitute graduation.

Example: If you will be walking in fall but finishing an internship or student teaching experience in winter, the semester you are graduating is winter. 

    Academic /Talent/ Leadership/Merit Scholarships

    Credit Level Full Tuition 3/4 Tuition 1/2 Tuition 1/4 Tuition
    12+ $2,059 $1,545 $1,030 $515
    9-11.5 $1,545 $1,159 $773 $387
    6-8.5 $1030 $773 $515 $258
    .5-5.5 $0 $0 $0


    IMPORTANT: All academic scholarships will be cancelled for students enrolled in less than 14 credits. Academic scholarships may ONLY be prorated in a student's final term at BYU-Idaho when graduting with a 4 year degree. This proration request must be made online by completing the Scholarship Proration Request. No academic scholarships will be prorated below 6 credits.


    • Scholarship will typically not disburse until during the first week of the semester.
    • Students must complete the “Thank You Letter” posted on their student portal before funds will disburse