The new beta site has been designed specifically to serve students, parents and the world at large.

September 26, 2011
Writer: Jeffrey Dunster

"The site" is really a collection of several thousand pages, managed by over 100 different web authors across campus. Most of the pages are word-for-word copies of pages on the original site, These pages were generally organized according to departments, offices and organizations as they are in the real world. As such, the old sites were focused on presenting the organizations information and services as they saw it.


The new beta site is changing that focus, gradually, to provide specialized information and services based on who you are: students, employees, alumni, future students, etc. For example, the top line of menus ("Current Students", "Employees"...) are specialized menus carefully built for specific types of visitors, "audiences".


Another change is who we write pages to (our assumed audience). The previous site focused on current students. Now, the majority of pages on the BETA site are written to the general public (including future students, parents, and the world at large). Most students and employees use other, specialized sites, like iLearn, and my.byui, for their online tasks. The beta site focuses on the rest of the visitors who can't use such specialized sites.


We also have put a lot of effort into improving site navigation. To find your way around, you have three major choices:

  • Site navigation menus
  • University search
  • AskBYUI live chat service