The general education program at BYU-Idaho is called Foundations. These courses have been created with the goal of helping you build a strong base for your education here at BYU-Idaho and throughout your life. Foundation classes provide a focused approach, allowing you to delve deeper into specific aspects of the subject matter.


For example, instead of taking an introductory biology course, Foundations offers Understanding DNA as one course option. Focusing on DNA allows students to learn not only the basics of DNA science but explore the applications and impact DNA has in our lives. Less breadth and more depth allow you to cover more advanced topics not typically included in introductory courses. This includes principles of DNA fingerprinting, personal DNA diagnostics, cause and cures of cancer, and outcomes of genetic engineering. You will also learn analytical skills that help you evaluate scientific claims for their accuracy.


Next semester, or 10 years from now, you may not remember every detail of DNA structure but you will remember how to evaluate, find useful scientific resources, and solve complex problems. These skills will serve you well as you work towards your bachelor's degree and in life in general. This same experience will be true for all of the Foundation classes that you take.

All BYU-Idaho students complete the same Foundation requirements except for students pursuing an associate's degree in applied science (AAS). For details, see the catalog. Foundation classes are divided into five groups: Eternal Truths, Academic Fundamentals, Science, Cultural Awareness, and Connections.


Please note that some associate degrees, transfer credits, AP credits, and concurrent enrollment credits may cover some of the Foundation requirements. Please see Getting Started for details.